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Sunshine Soup (Ginger, Orange & Goji Berry Soup)


This vibrant orange soup is like sunshine in a bowl to me! It is full of goodness: anti-oxidants from the garlic, anti-inflammatory agents from the ginger, red onion & carrot & if that wasn’t enough, goji berries & nutmeg to stimulate the immune system. The generous dose of ginger helps ward away bugs & decongest blocked nose & sinuses. Orange juice adds vitamin C & freshness.

The addition of pearl barley adds fibre, protein, vitamin B complex vitamins required for energy production & healthy skin & nervous system & selenium to boost the immune system. Pearl barley thickens this soup along with the potato making this soup deliciously satisfying.

Serves : 4

Preparation time: 20 mins

Cooking time: approx 50 mins


Coconut oil

1 clove garlic, coarsely chopped

5cm chunk of fresh root ginger, coarsely chopped

2 red onions, coarsely chopped

600g carrots, peeled & thickly sliced

1 leek, sliced

1 medium sweet potato, diced

1 white potato, diced

1.4 litres vegetable stock (I use bouillon powder)

1/2 cup goji berries

1/2 cup orange juice and zest from 1 orange

1/4 cup pearl barley

Pinch of nutmeg

Optional: decorate with a sprinkling of goji berries & a pinch of ground flaxseed



Melt 1tbsp coconut oil  n a deep-bottomed pot. Add chopped garlic, ginger & red onion, leek & brown gently for about 5 mins.

Add sliced carrot, sweet potato & white potato chunks. Cook for a further 5 mins. Add vegetable stock (I use organic bouillon powder, for its superior taste, gluten free status & it is suitable for vegetarians). Bring to the boil.

Add most of the goji berries (reserve some for the garnish), pearl barley & simmer for 35-40 mins until the carrots & are tender & pearl barley puffed up & soft.

Add the orange juice & nutmeg & blend. You can now add more stock or hot water if the consistency is too thick.


Add ground nutmeg & season with salt & pepper. Add most of the goji berries & stir through, they will soften in the soup.

I like to serve with a sprinkle of gojis on top (as pictured).

To add an extra nutrient boost, sprinkle ground flaxseed on top too.


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