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Just Vitamins Super Greens Formula Vegetarian Capsules


Hands up who likes the flavour of loose super greens powder?green

Exactly! It has a scent of stagnant pond water, leaves you with Shrek-coloured teeth (so not very good for romance!) and it is also unpalatable. So when the opportunity came to try Just Vitamins  super greens formula capsules from (, I jumped at the chance. I tested these for 6 weeks before writing this review so I could measure the benefits more accurately.

First impressions:


These vegetarian capsules came swiftly in the post. I was immediately impressed with the slim-line foil packaging with re-sealable closure to keep the capsules fresh.


Each capsule measures 1.8cm X 0.65cm and brim with mysterious green powder. I liked the fact that these capsules are free from salt, starch, gluten, dairy, artificial dyes and colours and preservatives. Moreover, the greens had been freeze-dried to preserve all the nutrients.


What greens and why?


Each capsule is  crammed with spirulina (100mg), barley greens (100mg), wheat grass (50mg), spinach (50mg), kale (50mg) and beetroot (25mg). Definitely nutrient dense! Dosage: take one or two a day with food.


These greens are rich in an assortment anti-oxidants (from kaempferol to querecetin), vitamins (including vitamins A, B, complex, C, E and K) plus minerals (including magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, copper, manganese). These nutrients are important to support a healthy immune system, good digestion and (through the vitamin K content), support healthy blood clotting.





I loved these! These capsules are easy to swallow and odourless. They are so much more convenient and easier to take than loose super greens powders. Furthermore, they have no after-taste nor stain your teeth green!


I felt I had increased and sustained energy levels throughout the day (including on work-out days) and improved digestion (although my diet is pretty good anyway). My skin appeared clearer (perhaps associated with the reputed rejuvenating properties of barley grass?) and my hair seemed to grow very fast! I have heard stories of barley grass encouraging hair growth before, but appreciate that this is unsubstantiated.


I know it may be been a placebo effect, but I did feel that my recovery after exercise was also faster (I run, cycle and lift weights). This may have been related to the high protein content in spirulina.


Lastly, a comment about the packaging. Good quality and secure, so the capsules were kept fresh and dry.



I recommend these supplements. They are such a super way of squeezing more nutrients into your diet. They are fantastic especially when you are on the go and travelling a lot or simply have a hectic schedule. 

They are also affordable and the service from Just Vitamins is excellent.

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