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Curried Courgette Noodles

Curried C 19

Low carb curry


Curried C14

How many vegetables in one dish?!

I love courgette spaghetti (lemon pesto & tomato basil courgette spaghetti recipes elsewhere in this blog) & I also love spicy curries. So how about mixing the two together & making curried courgette noodles?!

Curried C 7

This dish is full of spice, satisfying & packed with healthy vegetables (a great way to get your ‘five alive!’). This recipe is ideal for those on gluten-free diets & also vegans, paleo advocates & those trying to shed a few pounds.

The base of the sauce is actually puréed sweet potatoes mixed with goji berries, cashews, fresh coriander, curry paste & spices. For extra nutritive value & to help create a creamier sauce (along with the cashews), it is enriched with Pulsin’ protein powder (both pea protein or soya protein powders work well).


Preparation time: 25mins. Soaking time for goji berries & cashews: 2-3hrs

Serves: 4

Cooking time: 15 mins


80g raw cashews

40g goji berries

350g sweet potatoes, peeled & diced

Handful of fresh coriander (about 20g)

2 tbsp tamari or soya sauce

2 tbsp protein powder (I have used Pulsin’ Soya derived protein powder in this recipe, but their pea protein powder is a good alternative).

4 large courgettes

Spray of coconut oil or rapeseed oil

2 plump garlic cloves, crushed

2 medium red onions, finely sliced

1 leek, sliced finely

2 tbsp curry paste

1.5 tsp ground coriander

1.5 tsp ground cumin

0.5 tsp ground tumeric

5- tbsp water

2 large carrots , peeled & cut into thin strips

2 large handfuls of kale

1 large pepper (i used yellow, but any colour is fine)

10 chestnut mushrooms, sliced


salt & pepper to taste

To decorate: ground flaxseed



Soak the cashews & goji berries in a small bowl of water for 2-3hrs to soften them. Then drain.

Peel the sweet potato, dice & then steam for 12-15 mins until very soft.

In a blender or food processor, add fresh coriander, protein powder, along with the tamari or soya sauce. Blitz to form a smooth paste. Set aside.

Tom basil 3

Spiralise the courgettes. If you do not have a spiraliser, using a vegetable peeler, you can make courgette peelings instead.

* Top tip: If you are unsure about investing in a desktop spiraliser, manual spiralisers which work a bit like pencil sharpeners work well for courgettes & are a lot cheaper.


*Added note: here is a cheap table-top spiraliser which includes a no-quibble guarantee.

In a deep pan, on a medium heat, spray some coconut oil. Add the crushed garlic, sliced red onions & leek & brown for about 4 mins.

Add the curry paste, ground coriander, cumin, tumeric & heat for a few minutes until you can smell the spices. Then add the water, carrot strips & kale. Sauté for 3 mins before adding in the sliced peppers & spiralised courgette.

Sauté for a further 2 mins before adding in the sweet potato mixture & stir to mix well.

Add the sliced mushrooms & cook for a further 3 mins. If the sauce is rather thick, add a tablespoon or two of water to loosen up the sauce.

Season to taste.

Plate up & garnish with a sprinkle of ground flaxseed. Enjoy!

Curried C1

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Curried C8

Don’t forget you can find my favourite recipes in my FREE eBook here.

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