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Breakfast Baobab Fruit & Oat Cups


I love this breakfast! It reminds me of fruit trifle or knickerbocker glory, but is much better for you! Very decadent & full of vitamins. Finished off with a dusting of ground flaxseed makes this a fab breakfast to supercharge your day.

I gave up eating fruit-flavoured yoghurt years ago after being horrified at the sugar content (up to 14% sugar! EEKS!). I now opt for super fruit powder mixed in with natural & greek yoghurt, especially Baobab powder made from the ground pulp of ‘the tree of life’, a tree native to Africa.


The ‘Tree of Life’ Baobab tree

Ground baobab has a delicious tangy citrus flavour, is packed with vitamin C, fibre & anti-oxidants, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, selenium, zinc & vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, B7; nutrients to give you an energy boost, support the immune system & reduce fatigue.


Baobab powder

Adding the baobab & protein powder makes the yoghurt incredibly creamy & luxurious. If you chill the yoghurt mix before eating, it’s like eating ice-cream. Mmmmm!


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Preparation: 10 mins

Serves: 2


Fresh fruit to fill two large glasses: I love adding raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, mango, apple, lychees, pear & grapes, banana in mine; whatever is in season.

1.5 cup of plain yoghurt with bio-cultures. Coconut yoghurt, Greek yoghurt & Skyr yoghurt all work well .

2.5 tbsp protein powder . I use the soya derived variety.

3-4 tbsp rolled oats (gluten-free if required)

3-4 tbsp baobab super fruit powder, to taste.

Handful of dried fruit, sliced up if large. I like adding goldenberries, sliced apricot, cranberries, cherries.

Handful of seeds: sunflower, pumpkin, chia.

1 tbsp ground flaxseed  to decorate



Mix bio-yoghurt with active cultures with protein powder and baobab super fruit powder to make a thick creamy consistency. Taste & add more baobab powder if required.

Slice up fruit.

Layer with alternating layers of fruit, yogurt mix, seeds, nuts & oats.

Top with a dusting of ground flaxseed & seeds.

You can use whatever fruit you have…(lychees, strawberry oat cup below).


Variations: I like mixing up flavours & textures using fried fruit as well as fresh fruit. eg. dried apricots, cranberries, raisins, sultanas & golden berries.


Goldenberries are a recent dried fruit discovery for me  (also known as Inca Berries, Cape Gooseberries, & Peruvian Ground Cherries).  I am now addicted to them (they along with dates are my favourite dried fruit).

goldenberriesThese are the Tangfastics of the dried fruit world! They have no added sugar, are deliciously tart & chewy. They are packed with anti-oxidants, high in fibre & iron, so fantastic for the immune system & to reduce tiredness & fatigue. I take these when my work colleagues around me have the sniffles to ward off bugs like cold & flu (so far so good!). Kids love these too! (Don’t tell Haribou!).

Other super fruit powders to try (which also as delicious!). Links provided for ease of sourcing & these are the best tasting & value brands I could find.

Acai berry powder

Lucuma powder


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