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Chocolate Salty Maca Balls

Choco balls and tea

Chocolate Salty Maca Balls: perfect with a cup of tea or coffee

These morsels pack a nutritional punch which belies their size. They are packed with goodness: maca root, nuts, cacao, oats, ground flaxseed & a touch of honey for natural sweetness & taste deliciously rich & cocoa-ey.

Great as a pre-work out snack, an energy boost, these balls help maintain blood sugar levels and will sustain you til the next mealtime.

Choc balls

Maca root? This is also known as  Peruvian Ginseng. It is an ancient Incan superfood crammed with essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids & phytonutrients, making it a nutritional powerhouse with loads of benefits:

It helps increases the body’s resistance to the damaging effects of stress & disease. It helps to regulate, support & balance hormonal systems & so is good to balance mood (including stress, anxiety & depression, menstrual issues) & to boost energy levels. It is reputed to good for sexual health, improving libido & fertility in both men & women. It also helps give you radiant glowing skin.


Maca root powder ‘Peruvian ginseng’

It tastes a little like coffee & slightly bitter, hence in this recipe, I have mixed in Manuka honey to balance out the flavours & to add to the goodness.


I like serving mine as petit fours with other energy snacks after a meal too:

ATT_1447439281210_image15869 (1)

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